Data Processing Shole Aria Co. is a startup innovative business, established in Isfahan, Iran in October 2008 as a private company. It was originally installed in a small 20 m2 rental office but moved into its owned build 600 m2 office located in Isfahan Science & Technology Town (ISTT).

Founder of the company had the chance to work as a senior engineer in Asalouyeh gas field (The biggest gas field in the world) with international companies such as Total and ENI. During the early years of employment, Mr. Mojtaba Radfar finds out that these companies just like many other major companies in these industries use Excel, word, and email for managing their laboratory data which make it hard to archive, evaluate, maintain, restore and using data.

So he founded a family business for addressing this issue by creating a product that designed and implemented especially for gas, oil and chemical industry which also helps them to fulfill ISO-17025. During 10 years of activity, we succeed to get more than 80 percent of our potential market in Iran. Also, we grow our small family business to more than 25 employees in 3 branches.

The main mission of the company is design and implement Laboratory Information Management System specialized for big and mid-sized laboratory such as oil refinery, gas plant, petrochemicals, power generation plants, water/wastewater, and environmental protection company.

The vision of the company is to make products that are well known for its quality in every single country around the world which makes daily work of a laboratory easier and transforms data to knowledge and actionable insight.