The modern industries such as oil/gas plants are generally controlled by a Process Control System (PCS). A PCS typically produces a large amount of data every minute to control every instrument in the plant. But just some of the main parameters store just for a small period of time. (Typically 2%)

Aria-PIMS able to gather a large amount of data from PCS and store all information in a big size database. These data are very useful for future improvement or monitor processes carefully to prevent potential problems by the operator or engineering department.

Aria-PIMS provides visibility of key performance indicators (KPIs) using the ability to monitor and aggregate plant data, not just in process term, but also in business terms. This all contributes to quicker decision-making, improved quality and increased profits.   

Aria-PIMS is a software-based solution (client/server) for the acquisition, display, archiving and reporting of information such as flow rate, temperature, pressure, events from PCS in any modern plant. It is able to gather data for unlimited time. With Aria-PIMS, customers able to gather more than 1000 parameter with small period (5 second) and keep it for future use.