Operation Reports are essential for every factory from small to large. It helps operators, supervisors, and managers updated with the information, which makes them aware of the exact situation on the plant and leads them to a better understanding of issues, tasks on hand, the workflow between different working shifts and etc. In addition, With the information inculcated in the mid-term or long-term reports, managers will be able to compare data, analyze them, yield inferences and conclusions, as well as make rational decisions, which will help them reach their goals.

Besides that, routine checks of devices are a crucial task to make sure all devices working accordingly and prevent intense damages to the plant. So in most factories, there are several log sheets for checking devices every few hours.

The Vast majority of factories are using daily shift reports notebooks, papers, and spreadsheets to write and keep records of operation reports which lacks reliability and accessibility and it is near to impossible to extract long term reports.

Aria-ORMS is a cross-platform application that has been designed to make operation reports easier to write, read, and analyze. In addition, by using RFID technologies to identify devices across the factory it will make reports more reliable and more accessible to all related users.

For making routine checks and data gathering on the site, easier and more reliable, we using RFID or NFC tags to identify every instrument in the site, operators will be equipped with handheld RFID readers or PDAs with Aria-ORMS installed on them for filling log sheets in the factory plant. Aria-ORMS will record the exact location, time, and user who writes every entry of the log sheet. Finally, data will be transferred to a server for analyzing and reporting.

Also, users will be able to record daily events, follow up tasks, shutdown jobs, chemical usage and etc., on the application.

According to customer needs and factory environments, PDAs should have different specifications and certificates such as ATEX, MIL-STD-810, IP ratings and etc.

Some of the shared features of Aria-ORMS are: log sheet management, daily reports, chemical consumption, extracting shutdown list, trends, follow up diagrams.

We succeed to implement Aria-ORMS in 17 petrochemical and power generation plant such as Fajr Mahshahr utility plant, AryaSasol polymer company, Pars petrochemical and …