Detecting a problem by the help of AriaORMS

Our support team has a interesting conversation with one of customers during a routine visit on the site.

During lunch break, head of engineering department of Borzuye Petrochemical has shared an interesting story about how AriaORMS has saved him and his team considerable time and prevent a huge possible, he said

During my weekly review of the site, I saw a trend in AriaORMS which shows that one of our pumps had a dramatic change in its power usage. In the trend I could clearly see that power usage of this particular pump has been increased during last few days

As you should probably know, AriaORMS has trend module which make it easy for our users to draw different type of trends on any operation data on every given time, so they can investigate how equipments are working and what has been changed during time

This increase in power usage, usually dose not seem like something that need immediate action, pumps can consume more power for a lot of reasons, from atmosphere temperature change , to change of the density of the fluids. But I decided to check the event log on this pump anyway, because with AriaORMS it takes less than a minute, to withdraw any information about a specific equipment

Operation users, write their daily report in AriaORMS, and with the reporting tools of the software, it takes no time to find out any information about a given equipment.

As it turns out, one of the contractors had a small work on feed line of the pump, I checked the date and it seems like the power usage increase has started from that date.

So I ask for the documents of that work and in my surprise they have installed a wrong mesh in the line

Obviously, we change the mesh to the correct one and the power usage went back to normal.

Without any doubt, AriaORMS helped us to address the problem much faster, and if it wasn’t for easy reporting features, the problem may been unnoticed until the next overhaul

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